Clear, readable content

A Google Docs add-on to implement Readability Guidelines

woman sitting at desk of home office.

Content Designers

  • proofread your words before publishing

  • get rid of readability issues

computer screen with comms images around it.

Comms teams

  • publish with the house style

  • keep consistency across the team

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Subject experts

  • focus on knowledge in simple English

  • use for internal and external docs

Why use the app?

  • Edit where you write - in Google Docs

  • Universal style guide for the web

  • Evidence based, best-practice readability checks

  • Save time proofreading

  • Unobtrusive - check only the docs you choose

  • Reduce cognitive load while editing

  • Updated to the latest evidence based readability guidelines

The Readability Guidelines App follows the guidance from

to write inclusive content for the web.

How it works

screen shot of Structure check.

Check structure

  • long sentences over 25 words

  • average sentence length

  • use of headings (coming soon)

screenshot of words check.

Check words

    • clear language

    • difficult words

    • jargon

    • Latin

    • grammar points for understanding

    • contractions

    • hyphens

    • numbers

    • use of capital letters

    • meaningful link text

and more...